JOKKE Balcony Glazing

JOKKE balcony glazing is an easy, carefree and affordable solution for increasing the year-round comfort of your home. It is light during use but extremely solid in structure, as proved in tests conducted by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT).

Balcony glazing adds extra space to your home, regardless of the season. It protects the interior and structure of your home from the elements and increases their value. Balcony glazing is suitable for any kind of house, including blocks of flats, detached and semi-detached houses, villas, etc.

JOKKE balcony glazing is a great innovation from a Finnish company. It is built out of carefully designed elements. Requiring no maintenance, it is reliable and exceptionally waterproof.

JOKKE balcony glazing consists of frameless and smoothly sliding yet solidly built window panes. The panes are easy to open either to the ventilation position, or completely so that all the panes slide into a neat stack.

The glazing is simple to keep clean, as all the surfaces can be reached without problems.

For more information on the materials used in our glazing, click here.

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